Sales under court order

The sale under court order is one of the recourses of a mortgage creditor on the property on which the mortgage loan has been granted. The sale might be executed by mutual agreement, by tender offers or by auction. The bailiff plays a significant role in the sales procedure, since the bailiff is responsible for making sure that the sale is made in the best interest of the debtor and of its creditors.

Assigned as the designated person in the judgment that authorized the sale, the court bailiff must comply to such court order, and make all necessary effort to achieve the highest possible selling price.

Our firm has developed a department exclusively devoted to the management of sales under court authority. We can always count on the field experience of several skilled bailiffs. The constant presence of a notary in our office raises our level of expertise in that specialty area. Such mandates require active management and strict monitoring in order to guarantee you that the sale is executed within remarkably short time. The members of our team appointed to the sales under court authority can certify that this is exactly the kind of service that will be provided to you!