The bailiff may be asked to produce a report about the general state of premises or about the unfolding of a specific event.

Due to our duty of impartiality, our bailiffs are required to report the facts, as observed in an objective way, to convey what happened during the mandate.

The written report shall be supported with evidence, as pictures, video taping or sound recording, according to the observations made.

The bailiffs’ reports are now recognized by the courts. Our reports would be acknowledged as precious tools should the conflicting situation be subject to legal recourse.

It may be helpful and beneficial to call on our services to have a report drafted, more specifically in the following situations:

  • Assessment of the state of a residential unit or of commercial premises at the end of a lease or after the abandonment of the unit by the tenant
  • Water damage, lack of heating or other problems in the unit
  • Conflicts between neighbours (ex.: noise disturbance or material nuisance)
  • Lock change in a residential unit or commercial premises
  • Compiling of inventory of properties in case of family dispute
  • Compiling of inventory of assets in the event of death (succession)