Charron Boissé Lévesque, Huissiers de Justice Inc. is…

First and foremost, A TEAM!


A team comprised of more than seventy people and of almost forty court bailiffs, several legal technicians and paralegals and assistants, as well as a notary. All these people are committed, motivated and continually looking for the legal changes that may affect our practice.

A team that is strong and tightly-knit, who demonstrate a high degree of complicity in service delivery, in order to fully satisfy its clientele. The team also benefits from the combining of the respective strengths of three seasoned professionals, with more than twenty years of experience, who strongly believe in the future of the profession of court bailiff.

A team that represents not only the second largest court bailiff firm in the province of Quebec, but also the first that has a majority of women among its directors. This is how Charron Boissé Lévesque, Huissiers de justice Inc. distinguishes itself from the traditionally male profession.

A team that combines experience, dynamism and professionalism, as well as a determination to succeed that will leave no one indifferent!

A team of technology-oriented employees, since we remain the only firm in which the bailiffs use their digital tablet 100 % of the time, from their vehicle, to draft the reports, and then submit them directly to the printer of the customer service officer. Moreover, we offer our clients an effective computerized system, giving our client protected access to their reports and billing information through internet.

A team of open and available professionals, from the reception desk to the management crew.

In conclusion, the mission of Charron Boissé Lévesque, Huissiers de justice Inc. is to achieve high customer satisfaction, by providing our clients with outstanding professional services.

Experience at your service for more than 20 years


You are professionals with specific needs, in accordance with the various applicable laws of our judicial system.

Since deadlines are of capital importance in the preparation of your files, your requests must be executed in an effective and timely manner. Our significant knowledge of the various legal proceedings will undoubtedly be a valuable asset for you.

We remain your key partner in ensuring the smooth progress of your litigation cases.


The mechanics of the judicial system are most probably unknown to you and this may raise a wide range of concerns. We guarantee that we will find an appropriate solution to each difficult situation!

We are professionals who have the required expertise to take charge of the situation which is of concern to you and provide you with possible solutions, proposing different dispute resolution processes.


Take advantage of our comprehensive service offering!

We are your best partners in your debt collection process. Our expertise and high-quality service delivery will demonstrate our capacity to guide you throughout your judicial procedures. Our promise is clear: we will provide you with a professional and conclusive result-oriented approach.

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