« The creditor who wants to proceed to the forced execution of a judgment gives its instructions to a bailiff. » – section 680 C.p.c.

In order to do so, please fill out the execution instructions notice and attach any other required document, if case arises, and forward it by email to saisie@huissier.qc.ca.

« The seizure before judgment is done by means of an execution notice, based on the instructions given by the seizing creditor, supported by its sworn declaration… » – section 520 C.p.c.

Such instructions are to be transmitted to the bailiff. We invite you to fill out the seizure before judgment instructions notice, to attach the sworn declaration and to forward it by email at saisie@huissier.qc.ca.

Please note that the original copy of the sworn declaration is required at the time of opening the file in court.