Voluntary surrender / Collection of amicable settlement

In most cases, resorting to amicable collection might avoid the judicial process, which is often expensive and results in significant delays.

In comparison with the collecting agent, the court bailiff can go and meet the debtor of your claim. Whether it is about collecting a rental, various account statements or any other unpaid bill, the court bailiff will undoubtedly get better results, often immediate and at competitive prices.

The voluntary surrender is somewhat like the amicable collection, but it rather refers to the collection of a moveable property, which is, most of the times, a motor vehicle.

Upon the signature of the voluntary surrender document by the debtor, the vehicle is towed and handed back to its owner, for disposal by such owner in its sole discretion. In the majority of cases, the vehicles are handed to a solvent person, who will act as appointed custodian of the property until the sale of such asset.