The formalities to be performed in case of forced execution has considerably changed since January 1st, 2016. Writs of seizure do not exist anymore. From now on, the term ‘’execution notice’’ must be used, and this, for all types of seizure of moveable or immoveable assets (after or before judgment seizures, third-party seizures (ex.: wages, banking accounts, shares or any other kind of assets), as well as for eviction and entry into possession orders. Upon receipt of your instructions, the bailiff drafts the execution notice, according to the template drawn up by the Minister of Justice.

Execution of a judgment

Judgment satisfaction is the goal of the execution process. Whether for a moveable or immoveable property seizure, or for a third-party seizure, we are fully able to offer all the required guidance to take the necessary actions. This is why our staff and on-the-road court bailiffs must be effective and proficient, while keeping constant communication with our office, in order to provide results that measure up to our clients’ expectations.

The 2016 Code of Civil Procedure has expanded the court bailiff’s tasks and functions in the conduct of a seizure procedure. The bailiff is now authorized to go to Court to obtain new instructions during the execution process. Several bailiffs of our firm are specializing in the submission of such requests to the Court.

Seizure before judgment

The goal of a seizure before judgment is to put the property under legal custody during the proceedings. This may apply to moveable or immoveable properties, or properties being in the possession of a third party (wages, banking accounts, shares, or any other kind of assets).

Our team can count on the expertise of several seasoned bailiffs to put in place the strategy that guarantee the best results possible, at a cost proportionate to the value of the property you are searching for.

Forced execution in real actions (eviction and entering into possession)

The goal of forced execution in real actions is to give the creditor access and possession of premises or of a property, when the debtor does not voluntarily surrender. This is an intervention that requires a high level of professionalism, along with a keen sense of organization, in order to successfully execute the conclusions of a court judgment.

We take care of the coordination of all the required interveners into the execution of the judgment: municipal authorities (if need be), movers, locksmith, towing vehicle, and others agents if necessary. In short, we guarantee you a hassle-free comprehensive planning service.